Play is an Integrated Part of Learning 

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Our Beliefs

The Olive Daycare Centre believes that children grow up with greater strength, knowledge, and understanding when well nurtured. We are a non-profit and license-based childcare center fostering a nurturing and co-operative learning environment for the entire family. We grow as a supportive early education and care community through our relationships with children, families, students, environment, and each other.

Our Values

The Olive Daycare Centre believes staff, parents, and children play an integral part in developing a respectful community. In order to achieve this, we place high value in the following:

• Accessible high-quality child care.

• Equal opportunities for all families.

• Providing an inclusive family-oriented environment.

• Welcoming diversity in all aspects.

• Ensuring a safe and accepting environment for everyone.

Our Mission

•To encourage positive and professional interactions within the daycare community.

•To promote the health, safety, and well-being.

•To foster exploration, play, and inquiry.

•To plan and create environments in which each child’s learning and development is well supported.