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Our Qualified and Experienced Educators are Eager to Work With You and Your Child! 

Educator to Child Ratio

1 adult for every 5 toddlers

1 adult for every 8 preschoolers

Toddler Program

 (18 months to 30 months)

At this age, kids are better able to express interest in their environment. Fundamental play is highly valued at The Olive Daycare Center. Our skilled educators see it as an opportunity to spark learning in activities inspired by toddler interests.  These activities may include listening to stories, singing songs, arts and crafts, outdoor activities and a variety of games. 

Preschool Program 

(2 years - 5 years old)

Our preschool program is a very busy environment designed for children to safely learn through play. The Olive Daycare Center strives to meet all positive aspects of child growth and expectation. This includes the parent/guardian's perspective on learning, the child's desire for fun and the educator's insight on creativity.

*Please note that all diaper supplies (ex. diapers, creams, pull-ups, and wipes) are to be provided by the parent/guardian.


Our diverse menu follows the Canada Food Guide and is posted on daycare the bulletin board. Any changes will be noted there as well. All food is catered. Educators provide a morning and afternoon snack for your child to enjoy when they are ready. An educator will also sit with your child to encourage them to be independent in serving themselves to try new foods. Educators act as role models in this regard. 

Special Diets and Restrictions

We will do our best to accommodate food restrictions due to medical or allergen reasons. The parent/guardian may be asked to provide a substitute meal that does not fall under our menu.